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How Trimble improves processing efficiency

Production reporting

Trimble provides accurate and reliable visibility of quarry operations performance. A belt scale after your primary crusher and final product belts allows you to track tons per hour, total tonnage, average tons per hour, start time and stop time.

Plant performance

With scales on every belt, you can see every bottleneck, track every product, and know exactly what every part of your plant is doing. 

Measuring weight, downtime and performance of multiple belts will allow you to track the actual optimal mode mix when planning production to meet sales forecasts.

  • Track throughput of primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing 
  • See the effectiveness of your screen decks and wash plants 
  • Report inventory levels, optimizing your modes to manufacture the most profitable product mix

Downtime reporting

See downtime issues and gaps between expected production and actual production during the shift. Simple and functional reports via printer, email or a web browser on your smart phone or PC provides operations visibility wherever you are. Trimble also measures time spent running empty or partially loaded.

Stockpile management

Stockpile estimation can be difficult with different degrees of accuracy. With belt scales, managers can keep running inventory totals of crucial products. Instead of measuring at the end of each quarter, the quarry manager can have a fair estimate of inventory, and avoid stock write-offs.

Monitoring waste

Low quality fines by product can be difficult to sell and takes up valuable space. By measuring the waste during production, plant managers can minimize production into the waste pile. 

Mobile screening and crushing

Trimble belt scales help you measure and manage your mobile crushing applications. By ensuring your mobile plants are giving you the performance you expect, you’ll get more profitable crushing.

With easy to read productivity and performance via printer, email reports, or web browser you know what your equipment is really doing.

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