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How Trimble improves loadout speed and accuracy

The loadout area is where product turns to revenue, so it is important to get paid for every tonne of material and keep efficient operations.

Accurate, repeatable loadout

Inexperienced loader or truck operators can impact loadout and haulage by as much as 15 to 30%. But a good loader operator can speed up the loadout process, and equipped with scales the operator can load to within a couple hundred pounds of the truck’s load limit. 

By highlighting skill gaps and resolving via a training program, bottlenecks are solved. The resulting improved waiting and loading cycle times have an immediate effect on the operation’s ability to meet targets and improve customer satisfaction.
Overloading can lead to unnecessary expenses, prosecution or more serious investigation (depending on local legislation). Ensure compliance and prevent overload fines by correctly loading every truck right the first time. Accurate loadout also prevent tip-offs and turn-arounds after the scale house that  introduce inefficiency and costs into operations. 

Machine optimization

Matching equipment and bucket sizes for efficient loading takes experimentation and consultation, but having accurate data makes decision-making much easier. By following a trail of data, quarry managers can clearly evaluate and present process improvement changes. Investigate process bottlenecks by drilling down into detailed operations data.

Rail/barge loadout

Track loading efficiency to keep barges and ships on schedule while in port. For rail loadout, Trimble payload measurement systems help maintain consistent rail car payload for uniform unloading. By tracking inventory as it is loaded it’s easier to deliver the right inventory at the right time.

Analysis and improvement

By collecting the production data via scales, and using preformatted graphs and reports the quarry manager can compare, examine and highlight improvements. Easy to create reports also make it easier to share feedback with the team to foster improvement culture. 

Reduce communication ambiguity by automated in-cab job lists. Now every truck is presented with clear job information, and without the need for communications chatter.

Loadout management solutions

The loadout zone can get busy, so prioritizing and meeting customer demand becomes easier with the right information delivered to operators. Delivering the right product, to the right customer becomes easier with a loadout management tool for the loader operator and scalehouse. By providing near real-time customer job lists the loader operator can be empowered with a sense of urgency and priority across the site. The technology also reduces verbal communication, errors and enables a reduction in truck waiting time. 

By tracking loader performance, TPH of the site, time spent loading on activities, fleet managers can highlight efficient loader operators, or staff training needs. Trimble offers connected quarry solutions that can improve loadout operation through performance metric tracking, job data automation, and real-time 360º job visibility.


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