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How Trimble optimizes the extraction workflow

Trimble and LOADRITE can deliver real financial benefits for any quarry or mining extraction application. With controlled capital expenditure plans, many quarry operators are looking to improve on productivity with their existing equipment fleets.

Drilling and blasting

Trimble drilling solutions help increase the safety, accuracy and efficiency of your drilling operations. With the ability to drill to the specified location, depth, orientation and inclination angle with an even distribution, operators can achieve better rock fragmentation and minimize hauling costs.

Trimble reduces overdrilling, and helps operate machines 24x7 in almost any conditions, so delays due to darkness or bad weather are minimized.

Trimble onboard scales also help to measure and report blasting contractor performance to provide feedback and improve future blasts. 

Pit loading and haulage

A good loader operator can speed up the loadout process, equipped with scales the operator can load to within a couple hundred pounds of the truck’s load limit. This prevents load-adjustment, dumping excess, or turn-arounds that cost money and time. For new or unskilled operators scales help them to perform to required standards.

Scales also help reduce truck cycle times, track production to targets, extend truck life, monitor drivers and address poor driving practices.


Take advantage of GPS and automation by using dredge positioning systems to “see” what’s going on beneath the machine or vessel. Trimble creates a 3D design by tracking the dredge head over a design shape and keeps track of progress and position from previous day. Avoids overcutting, ensures compliance with environmental restrictions and helps make licensing easy.

Also, excavator and belt scales help measure barge loadout using payload optimization and inventory.

Relevant products

  • Loader scales
  • Excavator scales
  • Tire monitoring
  • Drilling system
  • Unmanned aerial drones

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