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Logisitics management

In the aggregates and ready mixed concrete industries, customers depend on getting the materials they need exactly when they need it. Since on-time delivery is critical, efficient fleet management is essential.

To effectively manage supply and demand, dispatchers need to know the precise location and status of each vehicle at all times. Trimble’s driver-initiated and patented automatic solutions for the aggregates ready mix industry help solve these challenges and enable management to make smarter business decisions.

Leveraging telematics, in-cab displays and vehicle sensors combined with mobile applications and office software, Trimble has a complete solution.

Smarter scheduling, improved productivity

Trimble solutions for construction material logistics allow aggregate haulers and ready-mix producers to efficiently manage delivery schedules. Managers and dispatchers not only know where their trucks are located, but also what they are doing in real-time allowing for smarter scheduling and more on-time deliveries. Using Trimble solutions, managers can analyze and improve where time and resources are being spent during transport and improve productivity throughout the delivery cycle.


Trimble has user-friendly voice and text solutions to enable drivers, dispatchers and other departments to communicate effectively and at a lower cost than traditional radios. Drivers can talk to channels, individual drivers or make a direct call to dispatch. Users can talk to a single driver, channel, or other departments including maintenance, dispatch or management.

Driver Safety

Driver behaviors while operating their vehicle can highlight potential safety issues. By measuring the acceleration exerted on the truck during various driving maneuvers, Trimble solutions can compare the data to fleet or industry standards. This information is valuable in conducting training and safety programs.

Integrated fleet manintenance

Fleet maintenance software saves time and money with better management of all maintenance areas, including: preventive maintenance schedules, parts inventory, fuel and tire usage, technician hours, billing, maximum warranty recovery and so much more. The software allows access to real-time information to help you make well-informed decisions. It monitors and streamlines workflow, while providing a clear visual of the key drivers behind your maintenance operation.

Real time location and status

Using in-vehicle hardware and sensors, combined with office software and mobile applications, Trimble provides real-time location and status information without the need for manual input. 
The software provides mapping, reports, status tracking, messaging, alerts and historical data logs enabling process improvements and smarter decisions.

Comprehensive solutions

In addition to tracking, reporting and real-time monitoring, Trimble has several options to help build a custom, comprehensive solution for improved productivity, safety and resource management that meets your needs including:

  • Quality monitoring
  • Fleet health, fuel usage reports
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics and reporting
  • Preventative maintenance alerts
  • Voice and text communication
  • Navigation
  • Driver accountability, safety reports
  • Electronic proof of delivery

Relevant Products

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