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Never lose sight of the site

When used together, Connected Office, Connected Controller and Connected machine solutions revolutionize the way construction is done and create the Trimble Connected Site. The Trimble Connected Site transforms the construction industry by utilizing technology to improve efficiency and productivity, while minimizing waste and expense. With the potential to save time and cost at every stage, and virtually eliminate redundant steps in the planning, design, construction and operation process, the Trimble Connected Site can improve the efficiency and sustainability of construction projects, resulting in earlier completion of a higher quality project at a lower cost.

A prosperous world requires robust infrastructure. The heavy civil construction industry builds and maintains the world’s road, rail, port, airport, pipeline, power and other critical infrastructure. Trimble continues to transform this industry’s work across the entire planning, design, build and operate lifecycle through the deployment of advanced automation solutions, precision machine control, 3D software and domain-specific applications, site positioning, mobile technologies and real-time connectivity.

The Trimble Connected Site™ leverages real-time wireless data flow between the office and job site, streamlining workflows from the initial design to the finished project.

Payload management

No more estimates when loading trucks, now every truck can be loaded to maximum payload, every time. Trimble LOADRITE excavator and loader scales improve loading operations to complete jobs faster and within budget, so you gain a competitive edge. A ‘single point of truth’ from scales identify what is loaded, when, and how much for better subcontractor management, project tracking and accurate bids.

Measure materials heading to site to minimize backhaul/ haul-offs. Inventory materials before leaving the site for accurate stock adjustments.

Machine Control

Trimble machine and paving control solutions provide machine operators with in-cab, real-time positioning for guidance and control of the machine, allowing them to accurately grade, compact and pave to specification. Trimble Grade Control systems help contractors finish faster with less re-work, less staking, less checking, lower cost and fuel use, reduced downtime or re-work and improved material yields.
Trimble Paving Control systems allow contractors to build a smoother surface, reduce material usage and significantly improve productivity. Trimble works with leading machine manufacturers to develop Trimble Ready® machines for faster, easier installation and deployment on new equipment.

Site positioning

Using Trimble Site Positioning systems, customers measure, stake, check, manage and inspect all phases of their earthworks and paving operations. Contractors can share information, track results instantly, make smarter decisions and manage multiple jobsites with ease.

Application software

Trimble Heavy Civil Construction software allows contractors to confidently manage their fleets and assets, wirelessly transfer data in real-time, create 3D construction models, and prepare and manage design data for on-machine use. 

Contractors can wirelessly synchronize data between the field and office, remotely monitor and support field systems and monitor site productivity. Design models created in the office are sent in real-time to machine operators and field crews, increasing efficiency, reducing re-work and saving money.

In the office, project supervisors, equipment managers and other personnel have a complete view of site productivity —including quantity, usage and locations of key materials, assets and fleets. Information can be shared across the organization for better communication and decision-making.

Relevant products for civil construction

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