The Connected Quarry

Trimble is committed to transforming how the world works. Our industry specific solutions integrate advanced capabilities and technologies, our dedicated expert support and domain expertise help customers tackle some of their greatest challenges.
We understand the aggregates industry are committed to helping our customers successfully tackle priority issues such as:

  • Pressure on product margins due to competition and increasingly tight specifications requested by customers.
  • Rising costs of production due to energy costs, maintenance costs, and environmental and health and safety regulatory compliance.
  • Limited access to capital to expand production capacity by purchasing additional equipment or limited ability to expand production through additional equipment purchases, due to capital investment restrictions.

Our Trimble solutions are used extensively in the aggregates industry from high-volume producers to single site operations. We know that each business has its own unique circumstances and processes. Trimble solutions will adapt, tailoring a solution to suit business needs. 


Trimble Aggregates solutions are built on the foundation of the Trimble’s LOADRITE product range. LOADRITE products have been a world leader in productivity solutions and wheel loader scales since 1979. LOADRITE products allow monitoring of production and efficiency from the pit until the truck is loaded to go out the gate.

The overall benefit of Trimble Aggregate solutions is to enable customers to drive towards streamlined operations by reducing waste across their production process. The technology within each solution offers benefits at multiple levels across the aggregates production process.

Aggregate supply chains around the world trust Trimble to improve productivity and efficiency. Using Trimble technology provides a clear picture of quarry operations as materials and productivity are tracked from pit, to processing and then loadout.

How Trimble transforms the aggregates workflow

  • Extraction
    • Load correctly starting right from the pit. 
    • Manage your blasting performance and eliminate the guesswork involved haul truck loading. 
    • Quickly identify opportunities for improvement in loading, cycle times, equipment utilization and maintenance.
  • Processing
    • Increase the profitability of your operations by monitoring and improving your crushing and screening. 
    • Measure production from crushers and screens, monitors throughput on conveyor belts to calculate stockpile tonnage.
  • Loadout
    • Measure and improve loader efficiency, performance, truck cycle times and customer satisfaction. 
    • Track materials leaving your site, and load every truck safely, quickly and accurately. 
    • Use loader scales optimize truck loadout, and generate billable information and tickets straight from the loader scale (where available).
  • Transport/distribution
    • Trimble solutions allow aggregate haulers to more efficiently manage their fleets by updating dispatchers and managers in real-time on vehicle location and condition and driver behaviour. 
    • Data collected highlights operational improvements to save time, improve safety and reduce cost.
  • Concrete production
    • Increase profitability and efficiency of ready mixed concrete production operations with actionable intelligence, systems integration, increased communication, and real-time vehicle location and maintenance information. 
  • Civil construction
    • Materials are tracked all the way to the construction site, ensuring maximum paving quality with concrete and asphalt. 
    • Real time data flow measures progress and material quantities against the construction plan.