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Top tips for quarry process improvement

With LOADRITE's experience visiting thousands of quarries around the world, here are some ideas to make your quarry more profitable. 



1. Check tires, haul roads and loading areas

Check all rolling-equipment tires for proper inflation daily to save gas, decrease tire wear and improve productivity. Clear all haul roads and loading areas of boulders and any materials that could cause tire malfunction as necessary, but at least daily.

2. Zero your weigh bridge and belt scales daily

Zeroing your weigh bridge and belt scales daily ensures that you measure every load correctly. Don't let extra material out the gate or leave your customers short, zero your scales daily to maintain accurate measures. 

3. Calibrate your loader scales this month

Get your local LOADRITE representative to calibrate your loader scales this month. Your loader scales should be calibrated regularly to avoid over/under loading – both of which negatively impact productivity.

4. Inspect screen cloths weekly

Inspect screen cloths weekly for holes and for “blinding over” during operations - replace as necessary.

5. Load in a V-pattern

Save time and money by traveling in a V-pattern to load your trucks. This ensures your wheel loader travels the minimum distance, loading more efficiently and cost effectively.

6. Install side-boards to get a few more tons on trucks

An inexpensive way to get a few more tons on each truck is to install side-boards. Generally operators underload trucks, but with a LOADRITE system and some side-boards you can ensure every truck leaves the yard loaded to optimum capacity. Also use your LOADRITE to make sure you are not overloading trucks which could lead to equipment malfunction and overload fines.

7. Follow quarry driving patterns

Be sure to enforce driving patterns within quarry by mounting signage as to “left-hand” or “right-hand” driving patterns. This helps with visitors, corporate personnel, inspectors, etc. to ensure a safe environment and help prevent productivity issues.

8. Stay productive in between loads

In between loads, have the pit-loader “wind-row” large boulders for the rock hammer in a location that doesn’t impede production.

9. Label stockpiles

Label stockpiles in yard for easy identification for customer trucks. 

10. Do your crushing in the blast

The most inexpensive place to crush rock is in the blast. Are you getting to coarse material or material too fine? Work with your blasting professional on various shot patterns to hone in on your quarry’s “sweet spot” for blasting.

11. Gain accurate inventory and reduce waste with belt scales on final product conveyors

Install belt scales on final product conveyors, this will help with inventory accuracy at month/quarter and year-end. Comparing the final product with the output of the primary crusher belt scales will indicate any potential “waste” problems.

12. Communicate

Do your operators know what the daily, weekly and monthly goals are for production? Do they understand the measures? Communication with your operators will go a long way to achieve the desired outcomes.