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Trimble Video Intelligence System for Bulk Materials and Ready Mix Trucks

Research shows that 80% of accidents are not the fault of the truck driver.* That’s why Trimble’s event-triggered video footage can be paired with real-time information – including vehicle speed, GPS location and more – and give a complete view of an incident to protect drivers and bottom line.

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  • Protection and assurance during ‘not-at-fault’ accidents
  • Prevent accident ‘scams’ with the threat of dashcam
  • Certainty of event timeline during ‘at-fault’ accidents
  • Prevent lengthy litigation
  • Coaching/continuous improvement for drivers


Trimble Video Intelligence System can be combined with driver events in order to identify coaching opportunities and provide communication channel from driver to supervisor to improve driving behavior, safety and overall fleet performance.

360° View of the Environment and Onboard Event Recording

When connected to dash-cam/forward-facing cameras, side-facing hood-mounted cameras, and reverse camera options, Trimble Video Intelligence can complete a 360° view to eliminate blind spots and document all angles. All documented in high quality at 12 frames per second (fps) video capture.

Camera Details

  • Forward and driver facing
  • Left
  • Right
  • Back up
  • 2-3 lanes either side field-of-view
  • Steep angle view to the ground
  • Triggered by sudden start; sudden stop, and continuous recording

Video Intelligence has the option to record a continuous feed of vision from the camera to potentially exonerate the driver in the event of a collision.

Back Office Access: Reliable on-demand video recall

Trimble’s user-friendly back office platform offers reliable on-demand video recall to help identify training opportunities and make continuous improvements to reduce future risk.