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Total Stations

Trimble Total Stations offer very high accuracy and reliability for stockpile measurement, site positioning, stakeout.

Trimble technology ensures you’re getting the best performance on tasks that require the tight precision with the fastest update rate available today.


  • User does not need to walk the surface to improve safety
  • Can be collected monthly for productivity/inventory needs
  • The scanning is automated so user can setup and work on other task while the TS is collecting data
  • More detail can be collected than in traditional methods so more accurate estimates

3HZ DR scanning
Super fast scanning capability for vertical / sloping profile measurements and stockpile scans. Significantly reduces the time to measure material stockpile volumes or profile rock faces safely.

Automatically corrects the horizontal and vertical angles and instrument pointing for mislevelment of the instrument. Means your measurements will be accurate, even if you don’t set up the instrument perfectly level.

MULTITRACK™ technology
Locks on and tracks passive prisms for control measurements, faster speed means increased productivity and faster results.