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GCS900 grade control for motor graders

The Trimble® 2D GCS900 Grade Control System for motor graders is an investment for quarries wanting to improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of haul roads.

  • GCS900 2D for motor graders
  • Measure the lift and tilt of the blade with a single laser and laser receiver
  • Measure the slope of the blade by adding another laser receiver or a slope sensor
  • Get to grade more accurately and quickly with in-cab elevation and slope guidance


  • Cross-slope only: Cross-slope control system to be used on motor graders for fine grading work for road maintenance, ditches and slope work
  • Single elevation plus cross-slope: Single control system uses a laser or sonic receiver to control the lift of the machine blade for flat, slopework and finished grading
  • Dual elevation: Dual control system that uses two laser or sonic receivers for higher accuracy lift control. Blade edge can be controlled independently or linked
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