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Driver Safety System for Bulk Materials and Ready Mix Trucks

Protect your drivers and reduce risk. Whether delivering bulk materials or ready mix, it can be difficult to monitor and manage how safe drivers are when you can’t be with them in the passenger seat for each and every journey. Trimble Driver Safety provides reports and dashboards about driver behavior to help managers and drivers to improve safety across the fleet.

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  • Improves employee safety out on the road
  • Improves safety scores by promoting a safe driving culture
  • Increases fuel savings through improved driver behavior
  • Improves productivity through better vehicle uptime
  • Reduces operational costs by lowering fuel use and repair bills
  • Improves driver compliance using driver-style feedback
  • Driver Safety consoles provide a quick view of overall driving performance
  • Driver scorecards help evaluate specific driving skills and drivers
  • Map displays harsh maneuver event locations
  • Exception reports capture speeding, maneuvering and idling events in real time
  • Mobile app feature offers drivers benchmarking, dashboards and tips on driving style












Driver Safety System leverages the Trimble in-vehicle hardware and sensors to collect the required data for analysis. Using Fleet Management capabilities, the extensible Driver Safety solution allows you to improve your safe-driving practices by:

  • Enabling driver-specific monitoring of speed, rapid acceleration and braking through the Driver Scorecard.
  • Pinpointing vehicle location at a specific time to respond to unsafe driving complaints and traffic incident claims.

The overall driver’s score is presented using scorecards, consoles and reports. By tracking driver performance, managers can follow specific behavior trends over time and identify areas where drivers require training.

The Driver Safety capability on the FieldMaster app allows visibility into the driving performance of individual and team members so they can become better, safer drivers.

  • Individual Scorecard - The Driver Scorecard helps managers and drivers evaluate specific driving skills.
  • Safety Scorecard on the mobile app provides individual and team driving performance on starts, braking, speed and turns.
  • Executive Console allows you to easily view and compare trends in driving performance across your business.